Flu vaccine updates 2019/20 influenza season

10/1/19 UPDATE: We have now received our full shipment of 2019/20 influenza vaccine as of today.  

Please read ALL of the information below for important details.  

-You do not need an appointment to get the flu vaccine from us.  You can come anytime we are open for allergy shots (see our office hours page for details).  Please read the important updates details below.  

-We currently have 2 vaccines available:

  1. Flucelvax: This is an egg-free quadrivalent vaccine but is only approved for ages 4 and up.
  2. Fluzone: This also is a quadrivalent vaccine, but it is approved for patients age 6 months and older.   It is an egg-grown virus but it is the same vaccine we have used for the last several years.

If interested, you can read more about Flucelvax/Fluzone and other flu vaccination options by following the links below:




-Please check back on this page periodically, and we will continue to update it with latest information.


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