Flu vaccine updates 2020/21 influenza season

9-11-20 UPDATE: We have received our initial shipment of 2020/21 influenza vaccine as of today.  

Please read ALL of the information below for important details.  

-Due to the pandemic and our attempts to maintain > 6 feet distancing as much as possible, at this time PATIENTS WILL NEED TO SCHEDULE A TIME/appointment to get the flu vaccine from us.  This can be done when you are here for an allergy shot/asthma biologic or a follow-up visit.

Please read the important details on the vaccines we have below.  

-We currently have 2 vaccines available:

Fluzone Quadrivalent for patients 6 months and older: This is a quadrivalent vaccine and is approved for patients age 6 months and older. It is an egg-grown virus but there has continued to be only reassuring safety data for use in egg allergic patients.

Fluzone High Dose Quadrivalent for patients 65 and older: This a higher dose than used in the Fluzone quadrivalent vaccines available above.  In clinicial studies, this has provided better protection from influenza in patients 65 and older.

For more information on these vaccines and other available influenza vaccines.  Please refer to the references below:




Please check back on this page periodically, and we will continue to update it with latest information.

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