COVID-19 vaccine recommendations/FAQ

Our practice strongly recommends getting COVID-19 vaccination when available to you.

We will NOT be administering the COVID-19 vaccines in our office.

We recommend BOTH the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines with no preference for one vs. the other and suggest you get whichever is available to you first. While all vaccines carry risk of adverse effects, we feel benefits greatly exceed risks in this setting.

All 3 of our doctors have received both doses of the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine as that was the first COVID-19 vaccine available to us. 

We are advising our staff, our families, and our friends to get vaccinated when it is available to them.

Patients may obtain the vaccine according to the distribution guidelines from The Texas Health and Human Services. As of December 28, 2020, the state of Texas is rolling out the phase 1b vaccine allocation which includes higher risk populations regardless of their work sector or status. Please note that the current list on the Texas Health and Human Services does not specifically include autoimmune diseases or immunosuppressed patients.

North Texas Counties have together set up Waitlist and Registration Websites. Patients can sign up any where, they do not have to be residents of the county. See link below to NBC website which has links and phone numbers for signing up for the vaccination.

SUPER helpful CDC page with answers to lots of COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ including timing of other vaccines, timing if you have already has COVID-19 infection, and what to do if you have a history of prior anaphylaxis:

The State of Texas is partnering with providers and local partners to arrange the distribution.

See links below for more information:

We wil be continue trying to add additonal FAQ and links that you may find helpful soon as well, so please check this page periodically for updated info.

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