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****COVID-19 updates to our office policies**** last updated 6.28.20

We will be closed on Friday, July 4th.  

We are still currently doing TELEMEDICINE visits ONLY for new patients.  We have resumed doing LIMITED in-person visits and allergy skin testing. 

We are continuing to monitor local and national COVID-19 activity and safety recommendations as we evaluate all options with our PRIMARY GOAL REMAINING OPTIMIZING THE SAFETY AND HEALTH OF OUR PATIENTS AND STAFF.

Please call our office if you would be interested at 972-566-7576 in scheduling a visit.

We have continued to do in person visits for the 2 following patient groups (Please scroll down to see more details about this later on this page):

1- Asthma patients receiving biologic medications administered in our office

2- Allergy shot clinic patients

We continue to REQUIRE ALL PATIENTS WHO ARE COMING INTO OUR OFFICE FOR ANY REASON TO WEAR A FACE COVER. This includes patients coming in for allergy shots or injections of their biologic medications. The face cover must already be on BEFORE coming into our office and must be KEPT ON for the duration of that visit.


General measures Metroplex Allergy is taking to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure to our patients and staff:

CHECKING daily temperature and COVID-19 symptom screening daily for ALL of our staff BEFORE THEY HAVE CONTACT with patients.  

LIMITING in person visits to allow for >6 feet distancing between patients

1- Asthma patients receiving biologic medications administered in our office: We believe that it is best for your health to continue these treatments on schedule. Please keep your scheduled appointment for your medication administration and we will make every attempt to minimize your time in the waiting room and any other public areas.

2- Allergy shot clinic patients:We believe that it is best for your health to continue your allergy shots on schedule. ALL Allergy shot visits are now being scheduled in order for us to make shot clinic as safe as possible for our patients and staff by controlling patient flow to minimize the number of shot clinic patients present at any one time and maximize our ability to maintain >6 feet distancing between patients.

***Please call our office at 972-566-7576 at least one day in advance to schedule a time window for your allergy shot visit.***

Health screening questions prior to your visit: If you have a fever or cough/shortness of breath worse than your usual symptoms, you will be asked to reschedule.
Limiting the number of visitors accompanying patients:
-Only essential visitors will be allowed, maximum 1 visitor per patient. Essential visitors are necessary to help a person walk in to the clinic/exam room, and/or to help the patient comprehend instructions from the visit.
-All visitors will also answer health screening questions and have temperature checked.
-If your child has an appointment, please bring only the child who has the scheduled appointment. Leave your other children at home with an appropriate caregiver.
-Additional visitors must wait in the car during the entire visit (not in the waiting room or hallway outside the clinic).

Cleaning frequently touched surfaces with disinfectant on a regular basis.

Advice for specific patient populations:

High risk patients: If you are 65 or older, or if you have a high risk medical condition including:
Moderate or Severe persistent asthma (such as asthma requiring daily inhaled steroids along with frequent rescue inhaler use, asthma requiring injection medications, and/or steroid bursts once or more per year)
-Immunodeficiency on gammaglobulin replacement therapy
-Other chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, or diabetes

We recommend the following:
Stay home as much as possible. Avoid any crowded places.  Wear masks when leaving the house other than for outdoor activities.  Practice aggressive hand hygiene.
-If you would like a letter to submit to your employer or for other reasons regarding your COVID-19 risk status: Please call 972-566-4887 and leave a voicemail including your name, birthdate, and need for a letter, and if your employer has specified what must be included in the letter (such as diagnosis).  YOU WILL NEED TO BE UP TO DATE ON YOUR FOLLOW-UP WITH US FIRST so we can accurately assess your current risk.  We will contact you if this needs to be set-up.

Asthma patients: We continue to monitor recommendations/guidance from the CDC and national allergy organizations ACAAI and AAAAI.  They continue to recommend asthma patients continue on their current controller medications and that we continue to treat asthma flares in the way we normally would including possible escalation of inhaled steroids and/or oral steroids. While we know increased stress and anxiety are unavoidable right now as more cases of COVID-19 are discovered and our communities take action to combat the spread of disease, it is natural/common for some people to feel concerned or stressed. Strong emotions can trigger an asthma attack and excessive anxiety can impact immune system function. Please take steps to help yourself cope with stress and anxiety.

You can find additional information on asthma management during the pandemic from recommendations for medication use to cleaning/disinfection tips, on the CDC website at:

If you or a loved one are experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms concerning for COVID-19 infection, you may seek advice via a free online/virtual visit offered by Medical City by clicking the link below:


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Mountain cedar a well known allergen in Dallas

The mountain cedar tree is a major cause of allergy symptoms in much of Texas during the winter.

Stuffy and running nose are allergy symptoms

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